Colorado Wild works as a part of the Southern Rockies Conservation Alliance, a coalition conservation organizations dedicated to protecting Colorado’s public lands, air, water, and wildlife habitat.”

Preservation of Mountain Wildlife
Ski Resorts Ranked from sucks to top of the class: Sun Valley, Copper Mountain, Aspen.

An excerpt from Book Three in “The Knowledge Path Series” dedicated to helping you find the place of your dreams.

Purgatory captures the excitement of what skiing or snowboarding is all about in a local resort.

Now it is the Durango Mountain Resort.

And, you can check out the mountain and town by web cams around the clock.

Durango Mountain Resort

Most would agree that Durango Mountain Resort isn’t in the same “destination league”as Aspen, Copper or Vail.

Which is probably why in the winter of 2007-2008 a note from the Vail Daily caught my eye.

“Vail isn’t the most environmentally friendly ski resort around, but it’s gradually improving, according to a report from the Ski Area Citizen’s Coalition.”

Upscale Vail

The Ski Area Citizens Coalition released its eighth annual survey of environmental performance, finding that some ski areas are taking steps to reduce their impact and supporting broader environmental improvement measures.

The following fall, in November, report cards returned to my feeds (and season thereafter until the winter of 2013 – 2014 when it went on hiatus.)

Sun Valley Resort failed.

Copper Mountain ranked slightly above Sun Valley.

But Aspen Mountain received an “A” with a score of 85.7 out of 100.

Aspen, Colorado

Most volunteers and staff of SACC are skiers themselves, and recognize skiing as a valid use of public lands. 

We also recognize that not all ski areas are the same when it comes to environmental protection.

So just who performs the rankings?

With a little digging I found out Colorado Wild operated out of Southwestern Colorado.

From a P.O. Box in Durango, Colorado.

Rocky Mountain Wild
1536 Wynkoop St, Ste 900
Denver, CO 80202

Later, I’m not sure when or why the SACC moved to Lake Tahoe, California.

On our BOF bucket list, but coming up a little later.

Clearly they shared the same passions for wildness that author and fellow High Country Eagle Petersen does.

Colorado Wild works to protect, preserve, and restore the native plants and animals of the Southern Rocky Mountains with particular attention given to habitat protection of Colorado’s forested, roadless, public lands and other ecologically important areas. 

They focused on threats to Colorado’s wild lands – primarily logging and industrial ski area development.

As an active part of the coalition, you’ll remember, they successfully challenged Texas billionaire Red McCombs.

His Wolf Creek Village and Piano Creek developments near Pagosa Springs.

Comprised of more than 800 concerned skiers, hikers, photographers, and other outdoor enthusiasts, Colorado Wild continues to fill a critical niche. 

So how did Durango score?

For the 2007 – 2008 winter season Durango Mountain Resort received a passing grade (C) with a score of 63.7 out of 100 points possible.

But, more recently, they pulled up their grade to an “A” scoring 88%.

Colorado Wild works as a part of the Southern Rockies Conservation Alliance, a coalition conservation organizations dedicated to protecting Colorado’s public lands, air, water, and wildlife habitat.

During the intervening years, the Ski Area Citizens Scorecards graded all, if not most, of the ski areas across the western states.

Which may partially explain why the headquarters shifted to Lake Tahoe.


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