Rafael told me on one of our earlier trips that they had grown tired of Hawaii, where they had run a restaurant for years.

Cabo San Lucas
“When is this real estate bubble going to pop?”  


Words of wisdom from Harry Dent.

“Spend the time to find the best place to live and invest. It will be worth your while.” 

From the days of the original beachfront resort – the Hotel Hacienda Beach Resort, in a sleepy little fishing village – the number of hotels rooms available has exploded.

In the 5 years prior to 2003 they almost doubled.

Sun Setting on Paradise

A clear sign back then that Cabo had passed the “Innovation” stage and entered the 10% to 25% breakout “Growth” phase.

It’s easy to see why, watching the sun setting, overlooking Medano Beach and the Sea of Cortez?

Or sitting at a bar table underneath the azure blue umbrella on the patio, steps away from the lower pool.

Relaxing Pool Side

The word on the street estimated it would take 15 years before Cabo hit world-class resort development status – moving through “emerging and rapid growth stages.”

But, the word around the pool in casual conversations was actually a question.

“When is this real estate bubble going to pop?”  

Dent projected it to begin sometime in 2009, more than 5 years away.

In the evening I walked up a dirt lined street and a short hill to the pink restaurant, Casa Rafael’s, between the Hotel Hacienda and Marina Sol.

Time to Dream New Dreams

Ah, this is the life, isn’t it?

It’s real easy to fall in love with a tropical resort.

Syncing Your Bio Rhythms

Once your bio- rhythms synchronize with the pace of life and the prevailing trade winds, you can see why resorts top the list of nine types of places to invest in, can’t you?

After interviews with David and Johnny over at the Pueblo Bonito Pacific Resort I was introduced you to our dinner’s hosts — Rafael Arraut’s wife and brother.

I had heard rumors that the owners came to visit Cabo San Lucas some time in the 1980s and never left.

They opened the restaurant in the early ’90s.

Rafael’s brother mentioned the same 15-year period David did earlier, but when I asked him what he’d do after Cabo became too developed for his tastes, he said, “Move to Cuba.”

Explosion of Growth

When it comes to resort areas, these guys like to get in at the innovation or early growth breakout stage.

Casa Rafael’s

Rafael’s brother regaled us with fishing stories on pristine beaches and ultra friendly people.

It turns out his family is from Cuba.

And that may be why, in addition to the six course meal, they offered Cuban cigars.

Beginning a Six Course Meal

Rafael told me on one of our earlier trips that they had grown tired of Hawaii, where they had run a restaurant for years.

Cabo at Night

When we finished, Rafael’s wife suggested we take the taxi, instead of walking down the hill above Medano Beach to the Marina and Sancho Panza for Jazz entertainment.


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